Workface Planning

Work Face Planning is the process of organizing and delivering all the elements necessary, before the work is started, to enable craft professionals to perform quality work in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

Benefits of Using Workface Planning

DBW accomplishes workface planning by breaking down (planning) construction work by trade into discrete work packages that completely describe/cover the scope of work for a given project to efficiently use available resources and track progress.

The right people,

The right equipment,

The right material,

At the right time.

“Every time you touch it, you add value or cost.”

Workface Density

The practice of Workface Density is particularly relevant in today’s operating environment where the health and safety of front-line workers is paramount.

Workface Density identifies the tasks necessary to complete a job and carefully allocates both “time and space” to these tasks and the related workforce to minimize physical interaction between the workers.