Construction Management & Support

Diamondback Works (DBW) provides construction management and support services personnel directly to owners as well as major contractors.

Construction Management & Support Services

Our seasoned DBW’s personnel have participated on many complex projects and are well-equipped to perform at any stage of the project life cycle. We have a “Swiss Army knife” attitude & skill sets. The DBW team is prepared to assume almost any role, on any project, of any size. We specialize in the following services:


Project construction coordinators for multiple crafts & areas.


Weekly time on tools efficiency studies for all crafts.


Real time installed quantity surveying for all components on the project.


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for:

  • Project analysis & forecasting
  • Work sequencing & scheduling
  • Workface Planning & Advanced Work Packaging adherence reporting
  • Mechanical work (structural, piping and equipment setting), civil work, scaffolding work, insulation work, fireproofing work, and painting work
  • Continuous material monitoring & inventory control
  • System and sub-system progress monitoring with constant comparisons to the project plan

Personnel for GPS & RFID tracking for material, equipment, and staff.


Multi-skilled professionals who can “rollover” to pre-commissioning and commissioning.

“DBW has a ‘bias for action’. When planning is complete, we understand the risk of not moving.”

What Sets Us Apart

In all instances, we advocate for detailed upfront planning which is considered “best practice” and is the biggest cost control “knob” especially in projects larger than 25 million dollars. Professional organizations such as CII, COAA, several Fortune 500 industrial manufacturers concur: 1-2% spent on upfront planning on projects will yield a 15-25% return on the back end.

Been There, Done That

While the DBW’s experienced personnel have participated in over a dozen complex Mega Projects in multiple industries, we apply the same effort and dedication to projects of all sizes.


Less than a 0.02 TRIR over the past 4 years


National operating footprint


Multicrafted & multiskilled workforce