Advanced Work Packaging

DBW uses Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) that includes the key concepts of Work Face Planning and Workface Density. The DBW development process is aligned with this disciplined approach for project planning and communicating project scope from conception to delivery. The deliberate engineering and construction management practices required in AWP, are essential to improving craft labor productivity and predictability.

We use GPS or RFID to track our equipment which enhances safety, creates operational efficiencies, eliminates project downtime, and minimizes carbon footprint.

Benefits of Using Advanced Work Packaging

AWP is a construction-driven process that adopts the philosophy of “beginning with the end in mind”. The work packaging and constraint management process removes the guesswork from executing at the workface by tightly defining the scope of all work involved, and by ensuring that all things necessary for execution are in place. Some of the advantages include:


Focused execution planning that is directed at the construction workface.


Reduces unproductive, non-value-added time.


Collaboration between construction and engineering.


Projects are designed with a sequence that supports construction.

“Experts say a 1% -2% investment in contractor involvement early in the planning process, reduces project costs 15% to 25%. DBW is willing to guarantee it.”

What Sets Us Apart

A key component to Diamondback Works’ construction process is the methodology that is deployed. Our well-planned workface density planning reduces the chances of equipment and people being in the wrong place at the wrong time, reduces the opportunity for reportable incidents, and enhances productivity.