A Technology Enabled Vertical Contractor

As a turnkey solutions provider, Diamondback Works (DBW) consolidates industrial services across the supply chain into a single source strategy reducing redundancies in transactions, equipment, personnel, facilities, and inventory while enhancing communications.

We use GPS & RFID technologies to track our materials, equipment, and personnel which supports safety, supply chain management, on time deliveries, productivity, and adherence to project schedules.

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Delivering Excellence in Plant & Facility Services

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Maintenance & Facility Services

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Turnkey RNG Development

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We’re Revolutionizing the Way Work is Done

“When you get the safety side of your business right, everything else will follow.”

Vertical Contractor

Our Diamondback Works’ teams are pioneers in the vertical construction process.

Our ability to self-perform many aspects of our industrial services improves communication, reduces the need for subcontractors and 3rd parties, and eliminates many other unnecessary steps during project execution.

ESG Driven Construction

Our dedication to vertical construction means we can ensure strict compliance to ESG protocols, protecting the environment, and meeting the demands of the customers and communities that we serve.