Our Story

Founded in 1999, Diamondback Works provides civil, mechanical, structural, specialty, electrical, and construction management/support services to all major industrial sectors.

We track the positioning and movement of our field-based personnel with a safety-first culture in mind, producing a “World Class” TRIR, innovative compensation packages, and improved employee relationships.

Who We Are

We are a vertical contractor that provides the maximum amount of project accountability. The results of our ongoing success have allowed us to continuously expand our service offerings throughout the U.S.

DBW has fostered a culture throughout the organization that encourages diversity and personal growth. Our dedication to “fanatical” planning, collaboration, innovation, executing, and continuously improving is part of our company’s fabric and is revolutionizing the way construction services are being delivered to the market.

DBW’s passion for a “zero incident safety environment” has resulted in our company having
one of the lowest TRIR scores in the industry.

Our Story

Our Passion

Our unyielding commitment to “taking care of each other” and the communities we serve, has encouraged employee retention that is uncommon in a world of uncertainty, and the stability of our multi-skilled workforce has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We continue to embrace new technologies that distinguish us from our competition. We have a bias for action and are willing to celebrate an individual’s efforts in both success and failure as each outcome is a learning experience producing individual and corporate growth.

“Planning is the key to every significant success we have ever had.”

What Sets Us Apart

We are proud of our past and laser focused on today’s strategy.

Our future plans have an “agile eye” on solutions for circularity and sustainability growth in our business that have always been fundamental components of our corporate DNA.

Our Core Values

Do things the right way.

Team members at Diamondback adhere to a higher standard, whether personally or professionally, to always do things the right way. No matter the difficulty, the cost or consequences, we do what’s right.

Take care of each other.

We always rise to the occasion and look out for each other. All our high-performance teams become like family, because we’re part of something special. We watch each other’s backs, create a safe and productive workplace, each of us doing our part for the good of the whole.

Continuous improvement.

We build our team with a focus on hiring “A“ players who know without change there is no improvement. DBW is a “change ready organization” that strives to get 1/10 of 1% better through change every day. Our attitude driven “Swiss Army knife” approach is key.

Have fun.

Performance creates many chances for teammates to have fun. DBW promotes a “lighthearted” atmosphere where there is no fear and personnel are always encouraged “to make someone’s day”.